Mixed feelings follow Fancy’s assertion on Alex Ekubo

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The ongoing issue involving popular Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo and his ex-fiance, Fancy Acholonu, has drawn conflicting responses.

Recall that the actor and the US-based model called off their wedding last year just a few months after being engaged.

However, her report did not make it obvious why she made her choice. Many online users came to the widely circulated conclusion that Fancy had found out that Alex was gay.

But a few days ago, Fancy used social media to publicly apologize to the star for canceling their wedding.

And that had sparked discussion online as people analyzed the scenario. Others hypothesized that they were already back together and the internet apology was the requirement. Some claimed that the apology was necessary because she was pleading with Alex to be back together.

Alex responded to the post in the comment area by writing, “I appreciate the apology. God be with us everyone.

Fancy spoke up following his reply and described how the actor coerced and blackmailed her into issuing a public apology.

While this was going on, social media users—including famous people like Daddy Freeze, Uche Maduagwu, Nkechi Blessing, and Mr. Jollof—reacted to her allegation that they were not sexually intimate during their five years of dating.

Fancy added that she can’t definitively confirm or deny if Alex is gay, adding that she found it difficult to understand his hesitation to touch her.

Actress Nkechi Blessing responded by making fun of the discovery, saying she could never date someone for five years and never have sex with them.

Really, religious beliefs, Daddy Freeze wrote.

“Finally, the truth is out, not all that glitter for Nollywood is Gold,” Uche Maduagwu stated. Fancy had the guts to leave you after years of trying to hide your humiliation, but instead of being appreciative to this kind woman, you allegedly used her to improve your reputation. To protect their partners, so many women have put up with a lot of abuse in their relationships, but they never received any appreciation.

“Fear Lagos,” written by Mr. Jollof

other social media users’ reactions:

Babe, you shouldn’t have allowed yourself to be duped. It was poor bait.

‘You adored Alex, but he didn’t love you at all,’ said prettymum12. Everything you tried to do to compel him into marriage backfired. You desired to wed a famous person, but shock on you.

_aj_purple: “@fancyacholonu, we are all aware Alex is gay and scared to come out of his closet. He merely intended to use you as a front. Sorry, love. I hope you get some serenity. As for Alex, he should remember nothing is hidden forever, one day, the truth will come out.”

peggy1_7: “I love what you did to that Fancy of a lady, a taste of her own medicine. Vawulence is the only way.”

emilokan419: “Brother Alex, please don’t take @fancyacholonu back. She can’t eat her cake and have it. I prefer @ezinneakudo I love her for you.”

However, speaking with kuryaloaded, one Olubowale Beatrice in her reaction, said, “I don’t believe those celebrities. These people are worldly, and we’ve seen the way they live their lives even while acting. So I don’t think it is normal, there’s a reason behind it. Either Alex has it with someone else, or he’s into homosexual.”

Prince Idong said, “Based on his reason, yes, it’s possible for him not to have intimacy with Fancy.”

Suleiman Lawal said, “He might be protecting his woman’s dignity because there are some men that once they have intimacy with a lady they will lose interest. So they mostly discipline themselves to sustain their cherished relationship.”

Bankole Moses said, “That cannot be true because I don’t believe in such a relationship. Even the way I see that guy, he’s baddest with his acting in movies, I don’t believe the accusation against him.”

Joseph Mercy said, “What I see in this issue is either Alex is having intimacy with another woman, or maybe he’s gay, but I don’t think he can be gay.”

Blessing Ibe said, “See if it happens to be true that they have no intimacy, then there’s no doubt about it. Alex is into something different.”

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