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Are you looking for the list of most popular cars in Nigeria? Here are TOP 10 MOST POPULAR CARS IN NIGERIA.

As we all know, Nigeria is one of the countries in the world that tops the list of interest in automobiles.

An adequate research with the present evidence will reveal the numerous cars which could be found of the streets and highways of Nigerian states and cities.

Aside from the importation of cars, Nigeria is one of the countries that produces it own cars.

The fortune of the automobile market in Nigeria is very fertile, considering the tactics of which is used.

For instance, you will find a particular car brand producing many different models of a particular car which in turn sells massively.

A good observation proves that cars with visible benefits in luxury, speed, performance, fuel maintenance and much more, stands the chances of getting more patronage.

Today, we are looking at the top 10 most popular cars in Nigeria. Note that the latter said, is a possible determinant of the popularity of a particular car.



Toyota Corolla is one of Toyota’s automobile products which has earned a lot of loyal patronage in Nigeria.

With price ranging from 5 million naira to 20 millions naira, Toyota Corolla has been in Nigeria for long, holding the flagship on Toyota car models.

It has great performance structures at affordable rates which has aided its popularity in Nigeria, aside other countries.

Thereby making Toyota Corolla one of the Top 10 Most Popular CARS IN Nigeria on our list.


Another car of the list is still another model of Toyota automobiles. It is called Toyota Camry.

Toyota Camry is one among cars produced by Toyota with price ranging from 1 million naira to 30 millions of naira.

Toyota Camry is one of the top 10 most popular cars in Nigeria and rarely will a day go by without a good number of Toyota Camry being seen on the Nigerian roads.

It’s affordability, low maintenance cost and fuel management system has also earn it a lot of patronage.


Aside from Toyota, Honda is another automobile brand recognized both in Nigeria and worldwide.

Among many models of Honda brand, Honda Accord has broken the record of patronage in Nigeria and worldwide.

As one of the most popular cars in Nigeria, Honda Accord aside from its great features and performance, has a high maintenance cost.

Honda Accord prices ranges from 2 million naira to 15 millions of naira.


Guess what, the next car on this list is Kia Rio.

Kia Rio is one of the newly introduced cars into the Nigerian automobile market which has gained a lot of popular among Nigerians.

KIA RIO price list ranges from around 2 million naira to 8.5 million naira.

Fortunately for Kia Rio, it’s affordability, low maintenance cost and strength as afforded it a listing on our top 10 most popular cars in Nigeria.


It is generally known in Nigeria that Golf cars are used mostly as Taxi’s but this new model of Golf’s automobile product, gained popularity as it got nice on the eyes of Nigerians.

This model is called Volkswagen golf. Its price list ranges from 7 million naira to 9 million naira.

With its affordability and good performance, Volkswagen golf as gained popularity into the list of top 10 most popular cars in Nigeria.


Another car on our list is a Toyota product called Toyota SIENNA.

Toyota Sienna is by far, Nigeria’s most popular minivan with sufficient spaces for luxury. Often times, Toyota Sienna is regarded as a family, broadly recognized and used by many Nigerians.

Toyota Sienna price list ranges from 18 million naira to 30 millions of naira. It is a car with great features for large populations with good performance and maintenance cost.

Sienna’s family features and good performance, has also added to give it a place on the Top 10 most popular cars in Nigeria.

7. LEXUS RX350

Lexus RX350 is one of the most purchased cars in Nigeria, produced under Toyota brand.

As a mini SUV, Lexus RX350 perfectly presents the picture of a luxurious car. It is not only available for the bosses but the middle class citizens can as well own one as long as they can afford.

It’s price ranges from 27 million naira to 30 million naira.

Its affordability and luxurious features has earned it much patronage which in turn puts Lexus RX350 on our list of top 10 most popular cars in Nigeria.


Another of Toyota’s automobile production is spacious SUV called Toyota Highlander.

Toyota Highlander with its space, efficiency and affordability, has gained the likes and patronage of many Nigerians, family persons especially.

Toyota Highlander price list ranges from 20 million naira to 28 million naira.


Another good looking and popular car to look at is the Range Rover.

Among the most popular cars in Nigeria, one of which gains respect to its owner is the Range Rover Sport.

With price list ranging from 45 million naira to 84 million naira, Range Rover is an expensive car which is very popular in Nigeria and abroad.

That said, Range Rover Sport is on a shout-out on our list of top 10 most popular cars in Nigeria.


MERCEDES BENZ G-CLASS One of the most expensive cars in Nigeria is the Mercedes Benz G-CLASS. This car is very expensive and used often times to show off.

MERCEDES BENZ G-CLASS price list ranges from 70 million naira to 200 millions of naira.

Although the elite is expensive, it’s worth every penny and very popular in Nigeria so to say.

Do you have other cars you wish to add to this list? Mention them in the comment section.

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