Do you think it is good to study Religion in school? How about why students should study Religion in schools?

Well, Religion has become one of the things that cannot be done without.

Every now and then, you’ll come across certain groups or calibres of people who fervently believe in one doctrine or another.

And since man’s quest for the truth hasn’t died yet, more and more religions have come into play in our everyday lives.

The world itself is made up of several kinds of religions, beliefs, doctrines, and systems, and there’s no way it doesn’t affect us in one way or the other.


ย Religion has become a part of us, and because it is a part of us, we frequently get to study it in various institutions, such as mosques, churches, colleges, high schools, and universities.

ย Here in this post, we shall be looking at the need for studying religion in our various institutions/schools as listed previously.

Reasons Why Religion Should Be Studied In Schools

1. It Enables Students To Gain Insight On Various Cultures:

Now, what makes religion an inevitable sector is that it doesn’t only make you knowledgeable about what is going on around you.

Instead, religion enables you to gain insight on various other cultures which may not align with yours.

The study of religion in institutions doesn’t create room for division nor inequalities. It enhances unity in diversity, which is one of its foreplays in humanity.

2. It Improves Students’ Sense Of Belonging:

The second most important reason why religion should be considered worth studying in modern institutions world wide is so as to improve our sense of belonging.

As simple as it is, man has for a long time had the sense of association.

That’s why in most countries of the world, it is written in the Constitution that freedom of association is guaranteed.

No man can stand to be an island, and one of the simple ways we humans can stay under one roof is through religion. Whether far or near, religion brings us together as one.

3. The Study Of Religion Helps Direct Our Lives:

This reason is clearly obvious: every religion has its own teachings, doctrines, and beliefs, whether they are Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Buddhism, Confucionism, and all of that.

There may be differences between religions. But one thing is certain: every religion holds a quantifying measure of truth in their believes, but we can’t be certain.

How religion directs our lives is just one of its greatest benefits.

The teachings we receive in various institutions, peer groups, and families have the potential to be a powerful tool for straightening out our lives.

4. It Answers Life’s Big Questions:

Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if there was nothing like religion?

The study of religion has helped in so many ways in making us identify answers to life’s challenging questions.

If we all agree, life would have been more complicated if religion hadn’t existed.

Religion as a core not only provides us routes to tackle life’s questions, but it has also helped in solving our different problems.

In Conclusion:

The usefulness of religion in our everyday lives can’t be overemphasized.

Additionally, there is no such thing as an optional subject; rather, it is mandatory for every student to study it, whether in college, high school, or higher institution.


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