Difference Between WordPress and Blogspot

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Difference Between WordPress and Blogspot

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Today we will be updating you on the difference between WordPress and Blogger please stay tuned.

There have been arguments recently on the blogging space concerning WordPress and Blogger and I’ve decided to write a post concerning this.

Well, there’s no doubt that WordPress supercedes blogger in so many things.
But, today we’ll be learning the difference between the both of them.

What is WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) which allows bloggers to host their sites and blogs.
What makes WordPress unique today is the thousands of available plugins that can help you setup your site from scratch with or without any knowledge on coding.
There are also thousands of available themes to help you start your site.
Unlike Blogspot, WordPress is not limited to blogs alone, you can create E-commerce sites, forums and even branded websites using WordPress.


What is Blogspot

Blogspot is a platform founded by Google where anyone can create a free blog in minutes and monetize it.

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