A Groom’s Friend Accused Of Stealing Bride Outfits In Kano

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Kano State has arrested a friend of the groom who is accused of stealing bridal perfume worth N500,000.

The incident took place in Gaida area of ​​Kumbotso Local Government Area of ​​Kano State.

According to the KuryaLoaded.ng blog , the incident took place a week after the groom and his friend had the keys to the house.

Following the arrest of a friend of the groom accused of kidnapping yesterday, today’s vigilante president said their investigation led to the discovery of the thief.

According to the vigilante leader, the investigation revealed that the bridegroom’s relatives had given the suspect the keys to the house to give to the groom after completing the groom’s wedding list.

‘Suddenly the groom asked for the key but he cried until he waited for the bride and groom to leave.

According to the accused, he was incited by the devil to betray his best friend, asking for forgiveness and not committing further crimes.

God has saved us from this evil friend and God has given us the truth.

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