Alleged LG fund diversion: Minority caucus in Ogun Assembly calls for transparency

The executive branch of the state government, headed by Governor Dapo Abiodun, has been urged to respond to the allegations made by the Chairman of Ijebu East Local Government, Wale Adedayo, with greater transparency, according to the minority caucus of the Ogun State House of Assembly.

The executive branch was tasked by the minority caucus to provide sufficient proof to refute claims that the federal funding allotted to local governments in the state had been withheld.

Lukman Adeleye, the minority leader in the Ogun Assembly, told the Daily Post in Abeokuta that local government councils must be given the freedom to flourish as a popular grassroots government by providing adequate accountability.

Speaking on behalf of the minority caucus, Adeleye said that the administration could effectively refute Adedayo’s claims by being transparent and accountable.

The local government chairmen apologized to him and the governor disputed the charges, but he implied that “proofs of payments, receipts and other documents would go a long way in ensuring transparency and letting the masses know the true situation of things.”

He stated that it is on upon the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) representatives present to be on the side of the people “to unravel the true situation and act accordingly.”

The senator said that if money intended for the local government to utilize to improve lives was actually being diverted, it would not be a good idea anyplace in the globe.

We would undoubtedly finish this by the time the assembly began its investigation, he said.

There is an accusation, he said, and as of right now, nothing can be done unless we are aware of the actual circumstances. However, given that it appears that the municipalities are unable to manage any projects, we won’t duck the concerns.

The minority leader emphasized that the autonomy of local government councils, which must be adequately funded to guarantee that the benefits of democracy reach the people, is one of the founding principles of his party.

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