Beheading of a youth leader in Akwa Ibom by suspected cultists

Hezekiah John Adaiden, the youth president of the Inen tribe, was beheaded on Sunday night in the Oruk Anam Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State by youths thought to be members of a cult.

The event, according to what was learned, happened at around one in the morning when a group of suspected cultists that the deceased knew paid him a visit and entertained them with beverages before another group attacked him as they were still drinking.

The youth president was captured by the cultists, who then beat him into a coma and severed his head, according to an eyewitness who asked to remain anonymous. His decapitated body was left in a pool of blood.

Prior to fleeing with her husband’s head, the thugs, he continued, went on to plunder the home, carrying away priceless belongings and pouring the soup that the wife had cooked on her head.

We still don’t know what happened, he declared. The youth president gave the cultists drinks when they got at the compound at an extremely weird hour of the night because he knew them.

At around one in the morning, a second group arrived wholly armed and violently dragged the victim into a corner where they executed him.

The most aggravating part was that they beat his wife to death and then beheaded her before fleeing with the head after torturing her and pouring the soup that she had cooked on her head.

In response, SP Odiko Macdon, the Akwa Ibom Police Public Relations Officer, called the crime savage and said those responsible could not go free.

Olatoye Durosinmi, the commissioner of police for Akwa Ibom State, has reportedly given the Criminal and Inquiry Department (CID) the go-ahead to start an investigation, according to Macdon.

“There is a local manhunt underway to find and apprehend these criminals. However, the region has returned to normal. The area is currently peaceful. To find the criminals, a special squad has been sent to the region. I can guarantee that the suspects will be apprehended and prosecuted,” he stated.

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