Building a three-bedroom apartment out of 14800 plastic bottles to be “Beautiful Bullet Proof” (See Photos)

Engr Yahaya Ahmed of Nigeria created a novel invention when he constructed a three-bedroom flat with 14,800 plastic bottles.

According to rumors, Ahmed, the director of the non-profit Developmental Association of Renewable Energies in Nigeria (DARE), constructed the home to promote waste recycling.

The Nigerian guy added that the invention had contributed to employment creation and a safer environment in Nigeria.

In order to construct the three-room, bathroom, and kitchen house, Ahmed explained that 14,800 plastic bottles were filled with sand and connected at the neck by a complex web of strings.

He claimed that it is the first structure of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa and added that it was less expensive to construct because the materials were found on the streets and in waste dumps.

If built properly and meticulously, the house, according to Ahmed, “may last for over 300 years and is 20 times stronger than houses with brick walls.”

He claims that the structure is resistant to fire, bullets, earthquakes, and can alter with the climate.

A structure may be built by anyone with masonry abilities, according to Ahmed, who also noted that his organization has trained numerous young people.


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