Governor Adeleke has ordered the emergency response center to be activated again due to a diphtheria outbreak

Ademola Adeleke, governor of Osun State, has issued an emergency decree activating the State Emergency Response Centre.

The Governor issued the order after hearing about a resurgence of Diphtheria in certain regions of Osun State.

The state administration said the action was taken to stop the spread of the disease, begin contact tracing, and begin treating those who were already sick.

The Osun State Ministry of Health reported the outbreak, which has so far resulted in one death in Osogbo and has prompted Adeleke to issue the aforementioned directive.

On Monday, the governor issued a statement through his spokeswoman Olawale Rasheed that read, “I have directed that the state emergency response be reactivated.” A contact tracing investigation into the victim’s known associates should be launched promptly upon the confirmation of the case in Osogbo.

Additionally, the infected must have access to urgent care. We are in touch with the CDC in order to share data and receive guidance from them. I want to reassure our people that preventative measures are being done to stop the outbreak in its tracks before it can spread.

People here need to be on the lookout and take the safety measures that the Ministry of Health will be recommending very shortly. Vaccinating our charges and charges’ charges is an absolute essential. Governor Adeleke guarantees that the government is monitoring the progress of this medical breakthrough.

Rasheed also disclosed that the Osun Health Ministry had previously briefed the Governor on the resurgence of diphtheria in the state, informing the state government that a 6-year-old suspected of having contracted the disease on June 25, 2023, had shown signs and symptoms of the illness on July 7, and had subsequently died.

According to the Ministry, “deep case investigation, contact tracing, line listing, follow up, active case search in the community of the index case, and retroactive case search at the health facilities within the community are ongoing.

Those in close proximity to the index case (including healthcare personnel) were included on a line list, subject to monitoring, and given medicine.

Households in the community were given a “Knowledge, Attitude, and Perception Form” to fill out in order to gauge their level of disease awareness.

Since most people were unfamiliar with the illness, efforts were made to raise awareness about it in the community and in medical centers.

The Ministry has taken several steps in response to the Governor’s order, including the creation and dissemination of flyers, posters, and billboards.

“Building capacity of LGA Disease Surveillance and Notification Officers on case detection, sample collection, transportation and management, and risk communication of the disease shou” “Training of health workers on case definitions and Infection Prevention and Control of diphtheria; production and airing of jingle on Prevention of Diphtheria; training and retraining of health workers on sample collection of diphtheria; increase the awareness of immunization acceptability”

Further, “the Ministry has advised members of the public to ensure children and wards are fully vaccinated, to avoid crowded environments, to consult doctors in case of symptoms, and to eat fruits and vegetables.”


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