How a woman brags that her husband is having s3* with 8 women on their marriage bed – Bunch of women

How a woman brags that her husband is having s£* with 8 women on their marriage bed


A woman whose voice has been circulating on the social networking site TikTok in recent days where girls have been chanting describes her husband and 8 women lying on their wedding beds.


According to a video posted on Facebook by Lucky Dudu, the woman was quoted in detail as saying that her voice was obtained during a court hearing.


According to her, her husband is not involved in white-collar business, but is involved in drug and alcohol abuse, but this time she is struggling to get back from the drug trade and is surrounded by eight women.


According to her, as she entered the room with the fire she heard his voice and that of the women, and she ended up in a trance changing the women while he was having sex with both of them as if he was changing his fingers.


According to her, she was so surprised that she wanted to hear the news. He slapped her and told her not to get involved in matters that did not concern her.


She described how she collected her own belongings and went to her parents’ house with her two children, whom she was caring for.


She later responded to a court summons in which the judge sought her opinion after her husband lodged a complaint alleging that 8 women had arrested him.


It was here that the judge asked them to prepare but it still did not work out. She says they are no longer together and she continues to ruin her life.

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