How to choose the right career direction

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When the time comes to choose their career path , many young people quickly find themselves lost in the face of the range of trades and training offered. Fortunately, today, you have a multitude of resources to inform you as well as possible on the subject. You will find below our various advices to choose your professional orientation.


1 What criteria should be taken into account?

2 Where can I get information?


What criteria should be taken into account?

To choose the best professional orientation , certain criteria must be taken into account. The first thing to take into account is your personality , in fact, you must imperatively evaluate your character traits in order to best target your professional expectations . For example, it is important to ask yourself about the nature of the desired position , if you are more of the type to make decisions or, on the contrary, obey a superior. To carry out a personality assessment , organizations like CIDJ give you the opportunity to better understand your expectations and thus identify the lines of thought according to your personality.

You must also establish an analysis of the job market by learning about the sectors that are hiring, but still the expanding trades and those declining. To optimize your chances of finding your professional path , you must also measure your desire for training. To do this, many questions need to be asked. Do I prefer to follow a traditional route or alternately ? Do I want to do short or long studies ? Is it better to follow supervised courses in a school or be totally independent in college? To better understand your expectations, you can take the lead by making a blacklist of what you do not want professionally. For this, you can list all the sectors professions that you do not like. This will allow you to withdraw certain options and become aware of your desires., assignments.


Where can we get information?

When the choice of the professional orientation arrives, the best way to achieve this is to fully inform yourself on the subject. If you did not know it yet, today, many means are available for you to choose  your professional orientation.

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