3 Steps to Ignore Your Past

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How to ignore the Past

Many individuals have been searching for a means of forgetting their past due to one circumstances or the other. Most of them may have done some bad or regretful act which they still live to remember.
While some may have been done some bad things which the try to forgive and forget but those things still keep coming to their minds.

In this article you will learn some basic steps that will help you forget your past and leave a free and new life.

Steps to forgetting the past

1. Forgive with all your heart and love those who did you wrong!

For those who were wronged in one way or the other in their past, it is advised to forgive whosoever did that with all your heart and develop love and care for that person. If you do this there’s no way hatred will persist and whenever you see that person you will only see the good things which the person has done and the past will be gone by.

2. Get yourself engaged
When you are lonely and have nothing doing then some weird thoughts will start coming to your mind including past thoughts. This happens most at times when you are depressed and lonely. Those thoughts will now start ringing all over your mind.
My advice is that you should get yourself engaged at that moment, maybe play your favourite music, games or even take a stroll. If you do this often, gradually you will see your past thoughts melting away.

3. Change Location if necessary
To some people, one of the things that may cause you to always remember your past is your location (where you are). There are some faces that as you continue to see you will always remember your past. It is advised to change location, go to a different arena and experience a better life.

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