I felt left out of the show — Theo discusses eviction

Theo Traw, a recently evicted Big Brother Titans, BBTitans, housemate, has stated that he felt alienated throughout his time on the reality show.

Traw admitted to Ebuka Obi Uchendu following his eviction that he felt like “the weird housemate.”

“I felt like they always excluded me in some situations and felt like I was always the odd one out for some reason,” the South African singer stated, noting that his personality may have contributed to his isolation.

“I had a number of experiences in the house when I would try to have a dialogue with someone, but it would not extend because their favourite person would come, and the topic just dies.

“I usually take my time getting to know new folks. My personality is a little unique. I didn’t had many one-on-ones. I wished I had that for myself, but I didn’t. Nobody wants to listen to me.”

“I didn’t have any concerns with her, and I was cool with it,” Traw remarked of being paired with fellow evictee Sandra. But her attitude after we were evicted astounded me. She wasn’t overjoyed. “I didn’t know what to do.”

Remember that Sandra had previously mentioned in her conversation with Ebuka Obi Uchendu following their expulsion that it was bad that she had been partnered with Theo Traw, whom she regarded as the most lackadaisical person ever, adding that “he’s alright, but maybe not for me.”

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