If the elections in 2023 are manipulated, Nigerians would strike back. Political envoy from Cardinal Onaiyekan

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Politicians preparing to rig Nigeria’s 2023 elections have received a warning from John Cardinal Onaiyekan.

According to him, “the election will no longer be business as usual” given the people’s contemporary aspirations.

Onaiyekan gave a speech on Saturday at Maitama’s Holy Trinity Church in Abuja.

The nation’s capital’s Catholic Archbishop Emeritus celebrated his 40th year as a Bishop.

When they weren’t elected, Onaiyekan advised lawmakers to “desist from any type of manipulation to their favor.”

The religious figurehead commanded people with plans to “play games and plots” to give them up.

The former leader of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) remarked, “They should permit this election to proceed in a free and fair manner.”

Onaiyekan stated that he does not support any one candidate and merely wants the will of the electorate to be honored.

He claimed that Nigerians are not currently in a state of mind where they would “quietly accept a rigged election.”

If somebody doesn’t allow for free and fair elections, there will be terrible consequences, Onaiyekan said.

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