Modern Warfare 2 beta release dates, access codes explained

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The Modern Warfare 2 open beta is on its way, giving players a taste of the gunplay and maps from this year’s Call of Duty.

While there hasn’t been a full reveal for Modern Warfare 2 yet, Activision has confirmed an open beta dropping in September, with details on how to get a code through pre-ordering, or as a potential drop for watching certain streams leading up to launch.

To help you prepare for the launch of the open beta, you’ll find a release dateand info on getting Modern Warfare 2 beta early access on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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When is the Modern Warfare 2 beta? Modern Warfare 2 open beta release dates

During the Call Of Duty League event that aired on August 7th, Activision released timings for the Modern Warfare 2 open beta. There will be two weekends where players can jump in, the first being for PlayStation players, and other platforms the following week. Here are the timings:

Weekend 1 (PlayStation exclusive)

  • early access – Friday 16th to Saturday 17th September
  • open beta – Sunday 18th to Tuesday 20th September

Weekend 2 (cross play, all platforms)

  • Early access (Xbox + PC), open beta (PlayStation) – Thursdays 22nd to Friday 23rd September
  • Open beta (all platforms) – Saturday 24th to Monday 26th September

Early access players can jump in a couple of days early if they have pre-ordered the game or have access to a code through other means. A couple of days later on each weekend, the open beta will then be available – first to PlayStation players, then on the second weekend, all platforms.

How to get Modern Warfare 2 beta early access

There are two main ways to get access to the Modern Warfare 2 open beta early on each respective weekend:

If you are pre-ordering, once the beta goes live, you will be emailed instructions on how to play. If you pre-ordered through the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, or, you are automatically validated to participate in Early Access for the Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta.

Open beta access for Modern Warfare 2

As for the Call of Duty League Championship Weekend stream on Sunday, 7th August, by watching and linking your Activision account to YouTubeyou will be in with a chance at winning a code for the Modern Warfare 2 open beta.


It is possible Activision will introduce additional ways to access the beta – such as in future streaming events, or via social media.

What will be included in the Modern Warfare 2 beta?

At present, Activision and Infinity Ward have yet to reveal much about what to expect from the Modern Warfare 2 open beta. The official website describes the following:

“This pre-release version of the game will give you an advanced look into the game’s Multiplayer, including maps, modes, weapons, and other features.”

We’ll get full intel on Thursday, September 15th as part of a reveal event – including a first look at “the future of Warzone”:

In the past, Call Of Duty open betas have included a handful of maps, one or two modes, and a set selection of weapon loadouts to try.

What they have confirmed is one map – Grand Prix – which will be playable. Here’s a sneak peek:

A leak from an event hosted for NFL team the LA Rams, meanwhile, has given us a look at the multiplayer lobby and a small snippet of gameplay. Nothing much beyond that, but it’s proof that the beta, or at least a slice of multiplayer, is pretty much ready to go:

For now, that’s all we know so far about the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 beta. To be in with a chance to get a code this weekend, make sure to tune into the Call of Duty league stream. It’s likely that more details regarding the beta will be unveiled soon as well – so stay tuned for updates.

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