Are you a tourist in Nigeria or possibly planning to visit Nigeria on a tour? Do you know about the most amazing tourist places in Nigeria?

This article is purposefully to help people on tour activities to discover and experience the beauty of Nigeria by disclosing some of the most amazing tourist places in Nigeria.

Nigeria from time memorial, has been a center for tourists and tourism. Having been blessed with much naturally resources, the green pastures are worth giving a watch.

Below are some of the most amazing tourist places in Nigeria for both foreign and indigenous tourism persons to visit and have a good time.


    Calabar, the current capital city of Cross River State is one of the most amazing tourist places to visit in Nigeria.

Known for its greener pastures and hospitality to foreign tourists and investors, Calabar holds a historical record on the tourism activities in Cross River and Nigeria at large.

Here in Calabar, you will find many historical or oldest churches in Nigeria including the Duke Town Church.

Also, the rich city of Cross River is the center for the celebration of Africa’s biggest carnival well known as the Calabar carnival.

It’s celebrated in the month of December with many tourists and visitors from around the world.

Calabar is blessed naturally and historically loaded with museum, resorts and attraction sites for tourists such as Tinapa project resort, Obudu mountain resort, Mary Slessor’s house, Chief Ekpo Bassey’s House etc. A place worth visiting by tourists worldwide.

  • 2: LAGOS
    If you hear of a Nigerian talking about the most populated places in Nigeria, Lagos will often come out first.

With its architectural structures and beautiful features, Lagos State has won the eyes of many into being one of the most amazing tourist places to visit in Nigeria.

Looking at Lagos lagoon, the national theater, Lekki Ikoyi and many other sites, you are very much invited to your into this place.

Another site to look at which presents Lagos’ beauty is the Nike art gallery, located in the southwest of Lagos State. This gallery is a mandatory attraction center to visit if you’re an art lover.


  • 3: ABUJA
    If you’ve heard about Nigeria, you must have heard of Abuja. The reason is simple; Abuja is the capital territory of the federal republic of Nigeria.

This is one of the most amazing tourist places to visit in Nigeria as it features a very plain beauty structure.

From the map of Nigeria, it’s amazing to see that Abuja takes its location at the mid of the country’s presentation of states.

The national Christian centre, the national Mosque, the national Stadium , the national Assembly, the Aso Rock and many more amazingly, beautiful structures are located in Abuja and are worth visiting by tourists within and around the world.

    When you are being told of art and crafts in Nigeria, Benin City should be a central point of reference.

Benin City being the capital city of Edo state, is one of the oldest cities in Nigeria.

It is one of the most amazing tourist places to visit in Nigeria as it produces great sculptures, arts and crafts materials which are presently displayed in museums worldwide.

In Benin City, you will find different types of goodies as well as attraction sites such as Okomu national Park, Ogiamen palace, Igun street and more.

This is a must visit for tourists around the world.


  • 5: KANO
    Do you know that Kano is one of the most amazing tourist places to visit in Nigeria?

As the capital city of Kano state, Kano is known as the oldest city in West Africa. It is a commercial region, majorly into agricultural activities.

Located in the south of Sahara desert, Kano is a must visit place as it features the horseback riding as well as many famous festivals.

The major workings in Kano are leather works, weaving and tie and dye. These and more, including old structures dating back to the 15th century, makes Kano a place for tourists worldwide.

  • 6: Ogbunike Caves
    One of the most wonderful places to behold in Nigeria, is the Ogbunike Caves. The historical stories of the caves adds more interest to it.

Located in Anambra state and situated in a valley is the Ogbunike Caves which has many passageways connected to its collection of caves.

Ogbunike Caves is one of Nigeria’s amazing tourist places to visit with much spiritual significance, especially to the Anambra people.

Ogbunike Caves is a place worth visiting for visitors and tourists.


  • 7: Cross River National Park
    Cross River National Park is one of the most amazing tourist places to visit in Nigeria.

The African Amazon as it’s often called, is divided into two separate regions which are fifty kilometers apart from each other. And it is located in the south eastern part of Nigeria.

The two regions of Cross River National Park are the Oban region and the Okwangwo region.

Cross River National Park is well known as one amongst west Africa’s richest tropical rainforest regions.

Cross River National Park is also the habitat to a high breed or varieties of animals in different species.

Some of the varieties of animals which can be found in the Park are birds, gorillas, butterflies, chimpanzees, leopards, buffaloes, baboons and much more.

If you find yourself in the holidays, this is one of those most amazing tourist places to visit in Nigeria. You shouldn’t miss this list.

If you know of other amazing tourist places to visit in Nigeria, kindly mention them in the comment section.

Hope you found this article useful and informative. If you did, kindly give it a share.

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