New Ogun CP Alamutu issues a stern warning to would-be land squatters:

Police Commissioner Abiodun Alamutu in Ogun State has issued a stern warning to land grabbers, telling them to leave or face severe repercussions.

Under Alamutu’s watch, Ogun “will no longer be a haven” for criminal elements masquerading as landgrabbers, he said upon taking office at the State Police Command Headquarters in Eleweran, Abeokuta.

When questioned about the crimes committed by the land grabbers, Alamutu swore to call them in and tell them to find work elsewhere.

The CP has claimed that there are “not more than five to ten” people responsible for land grabs across the state.

“I’ve been a part of the system for a long time,” he proudly proclaimed. The real number of people responsible for all of these problems (with land grabbing) in the state is probably less than ten.

In a moment of calm, I’ll call a meeting of all of them and make it clear that the game is finished. While I am around, none of their ploys will succeed since I am aware of them.

He continued, “I will initially communicate with them and advise them to look for another job. I know their tricks, and they know mine. And so, by God’s grace, we shall straighten everything out.

The new CP also urged his personnel to uphold residents’ rights while they go about their official business in the state.

Let me add here that just as I will not tolerate my officers committing any form of injustice or abusing the rights of members of the public, neither will I tolerate any form of unwarranted affront or physical attack against my officers while they are performing their lawful duties. I will see to it that legal procedures are followed in such circumstances,” he promised.


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