Nigerians keep a low profile as the fuel crisis and challenging economic conditions take their toll

Today, Christians in Nigeria celebrate Christmas 2022 alongside their counterparts around the globe.

But it’s evident that there didn’t seem to be as much pomp for this year’s event.

According to kuryaloaded, unlike past years, the nation’s economic situation may have pushed some Nigerians to celebrate on a very low tone.

Obtaining seasonal foods is a significant issue, in addition to the Premium Motor Spirit, or Petrol, shortage that has made traveling challenging for the majority of Nigerians.

The kuryaloaded said that numerous passengers were left stranded on Saturday as a result of the drastic price increases brought on by the severe gasoline shortage.

Typically, at this time, a lot of Nigerians travel throughout the nation to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s. Others take time off from their normal routines and jobs to travel to tourist places, while some people return to their ancestral homes to reconcile with their family.

But this year’s circumstances have prevented many from taking such extravagant trips, and those who have or are intending to grumble about the exorbitant costs and their safety.

According to information obtained by our correspondent, the majority of transportation providers increased prices by 100% this season and attributed the rise to a shortage of PMS.

The formerly N4,000 round trip from Abuja to Benue increased to N8,000 on Saturday. Mrs. Ochanya Theophilus, a passenger who was unable to pay the fee, claimed she was forced to go back to her house in Abuja.

This is what our nation goes through every year. How is it possible that transportation from Abuja to Gboko costs N8,000? The worst part is that there is no government to speak for us, so the transportation firms may act whatever they choose.

“I desired to return to my family at home. I felt it was reasonable when I first heard the ticket was N5,000 per seat a week ago, but after arriving, I realized we could have to pay close to N20,000. We are going back to Kubwa,” she bemoaned.

When asked about the unexpected increase, a driver with the Benue Links who chose to remain unnamed responded that it was time for transportation businesses to start making money.

Every activity has its time. Apart from the currently expensive fuel, Christmas is the time of year when businesses like these and us, the drivers, profit. It’s our time of year, he said.

As a result of the increase in the cost of food and other commodities on the market, there have been laments heard throughout the nation.

On Saturday, a survey of certain important marketplaces in the Federal Capital Territory found that the cost of goat, rice, and other goods had unexpectedly increased.

Speaking to our correspondent, some Nigerians expressed regret that they would celebrate Christmas in a very low key manner because they were unable to buy the essential decorations.

Since I couldn’t afford a bag of rice, I went to the store to buy some food for my family, but I came up empty-handed. Mrs. Onyinyechi Peter, a housewife, sobbed, “I came back with nothing.”

The Christmas of 2022, in her words, “is the worst we have ever experienced. For us, life is quite difficult. I’m not sure what I’ll say to these kids tomorrow. I was unable to even purchase them “okrika clothing.”

However, Mr. James Adoga claimed that despite goats’ high market prices, he was compelled to buy one for Christmas by his family.

I wouldn’t be concerned about getting a goat if it were just for me. Christmas is nothing spectacular; it is simply another day. My kids, however, won’t let me.

“I just spent my hard-earned N30,000 on the goat we bought with N15,000. These kids won’t understand, but this is almost my monthly pay,” he complained.

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