Shehu Sani: Tinubu is trying to appease Christians, but the Kaduna emperor wants religious animosity

A Nigerian political activist named Shehu Sani claims that Christian Nigerians are the target of President Bola Tinubu’s appeasement efforts.

Sani, however, claimed that an emperor from Kaduna State is stoking religious animosity while Tinubu tries to satisfy Christians.

He said that out of pure spite and vengeance, the Kaduna ruler wants Tinubu to lead Nigeria.

Sani said that Tinubu should not let the emperor cause a catastrophe in Nigeria.

Sani claims that while his government is striving to satisfy the country’s Christian population, the retired Kaduna Emperor is fanning the flames of religious animosity with his provocative comments.

He wants the country to be governed with hatred and resentment for a specific group of people and their religion, just like he did during his turbulent and sad time in power in Kaduna.

It’s up to the President to decide whether or not to let him tear the country apart or set it on fire. Since Nigeria is still a developing nation, we need to proceed with caution.


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