The First Lady of the state of Akwa Ibom has advocated for the use of cutting-edge farming and recycling methods

Pastor Patience Umo Eno, the wife of the governor of Akwa Ibom State, has urged farmers there to start using environmentally friendly practices including organic farming and recycling.

Mrs. Eno made the plea on Thursday during the 8th anniversary party for the non-profit organization she co-founded with the ex-wife of Akwa Ibom State’s governor, Dr. Martha Udom Emmanuel: Family Empowerment and Youth Re-Orientation Path-initiative (FEYReP).

Dr. Ini Adiakpan, commissioner for women’s affairs and social welfare, relayed the message of Pastor Patience Eno, who urged farmers, especially women, to adapt to the current method of cropping.

For women, she says, “a lot more adapting is required. Modern farming techniques need to replace the antiquated ones. To mitigate the impacts of climate change, we now have dry season farming as well.

“Polythene usage needs to be monitored. Key climate change issues can be addressed from the comfort of one’s own home by simply learning to sort one’s trash into recyclables and burnables.

However, she applauded the ex-First Lady for continuing to have an impact through FEYReP after leaving her position as Governor’s wife, and she congratulated her on the formation of the Climate Change For All Initiative as a subsidiary of FEYReP to raise awareness about climate change.

Pastor Umo Eno, governor of Akwa Ibom State, was represented by his deputy, Dr. Akon Eyakenyi, who unveiled the Climate Action for All Initiative. Governor Eno remarked that FEReP’s foray into climate change shows the initiative’s commitment to solving pressing global problems and preserving the planet’s natural habitats.

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