Tinubu’s N8,000 to 12 million Nigerians gives them a way to embezzle government money, Atiku’s adviser claims

The proposed remedy of President Bola Tinubu has been criticised by Phrank Shaibu, who is Atiku Abubakar’s Special Assistant on Public Communications.

To syphon public monies, Shaibu claimed, Tinubu planned to distribute N8,000 to 12 million homes per month for six months.

According to him, Tinubu’s intention to “spend $800m on palliatives under an opaque arrangement was reminiscent of former President Muhammadu Buhari’s conditional cash transfer and COVID-19 intervention initiative, which saw politicians keeping food items and provisions in their homes while the poor went hungry.”

As Shaibu noted in a written statement, the National Bureau of Statistics found that former President Muhammadu Buhari’s interventionist measures actually worsened the economic situation in Nigeria.

After announcing the withdrawal of the petrol subsidy without proper planning, Tinubu has reportedly requested the clearance of a $800 million loan, which he claims will be distributed to 12 million households for six months at a monthly rate of N8,000. The All Progressives Congress’s deception game continues here.

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As of this year (2019), the average size of a Nigerian family was 5.06 people. Tinubu’s lacklustre proposal would provide N1,600 per month, or N53 per day, to each member of a family. Exactly how should they make use of it? Put it towards your everyday needs like a sachet of (pure) water or a cup of boiling groundnut. This is the man who, legend has it, single-handedly revived the Lagos State economy. This is either a practical joke or a diabolical plot to steal from the government.

Shaibu claimed that Tinubu’s economic plan for Nigeria consisted primarily of raising taxes.

He claimed Tinubu was exposed as an economic illiterate after he fraudulently rose to the presidency.

Tinubu’s “palliatives” for the poor are nothing more than a way to syphon off tax money.

For many years, people have demanded that the Nigerian government reveal which individuals have received these “palliatives,” but the government has refused.

Nigerians are still feeling the effects of Tinubu’s poor economic policies, so he should stop trying to mislead them.

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