UNICAL develops a technology to monitor fraud

The University of Calabar’s Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) has developed an online platform to deter incidences of fraud involving the payment of tuition.

Additionally, the platform will help to strengthen the working contact between students and UNICAL seconded on Industrial Attachment firms (IT).

When speaking to journalists about the influence of the directorate and the number of students who have been mobilized on IT since 2000, SIWES director Dr. Imo Obot revealed this information.

Obot claims that over the course of 22 years, they have mobilized 2,903 students for Industrial Attachment (IT).

According to him, the goal of IT is to help students become familiar with the practical applications of their field so they can stand out on the job market.

He said that sufficient orientation be provided to students before they begin IT in order to reinforce the need of being focused, diligent, and hardworking.

According to the director, students receive training on practical skills relating to their areas of expertise throughout the IT period.

He claims that in order to make sure the students are genuinely undergoing the IT, SIWES staff, coordinators from their various Departments, and representatives of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) keep the students under rigorous observation for a period of six months.

“The Students receive extensive training pertaining to their fields of specialization for six months,” he stated.

For instance, medical laboratory students go hospitals for training, whereas tourism students attend hotels for training, and so forth.

He described the plan as a genuine tool for both economic and national growth.

According to Dr. Obot, SIWES will always align with the policy priorities of the current university administration. He also said that SIWES has received an unparalleled boost from the Vice Chancellor’s enthusiasm for ICT.

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