Why Tinubu would clash with Northerners, current and former government officials and politicians, according to a Nigerian prophet

After one month in office, President Bola Tinubu has received a warning from INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church Primate Elijah Ayodele.

Primate Ayodele predicted that Tinubu would have a dispute with current and former governors from the North over Boko Haram and other forms of banditry.

He predicted that the aforementioned people would see his visit as an act of revenge.

However, the minister thought that security agencies had more potential under Tinubu’s leadership.

The presentation of Primate Ayodele’s annual prophecy, “warnings to the nations,” on Saturday in Lagos marked the occasion of his announcement.

Ayodele claims that security officers may outperform the previous government if they implement widespread CCTV and take other necessary measures.

Terrorists like Boko Haram or the herders and bandits they recruit from can’t do their work if they have no one to take orders from.

When these terrorists are apprehended, they are still freed, and that is why Tinubu would have difficulties with former governors, current governors, and Northerners. “To be honest, what security agents are doing has a question mark.

Problems will escalate because the populace is convinced that Tinubu has arrived to exact retribution.

He added that corruption could be the country’s downfall.

Corruption is ingrained in the system and cannot be removed. This time, corruption would be the downfall of Nigeria, he said.


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