A group has spoken out against the violence in the Edo community

Two young people were killed and several others were injured during a protest in the Okpella town of Edo State last month, and the Ukhomunyio Youth Association (UYA) has issued a strong condemnation of the event.

However, in a statement released on Sunday, the Association’s National President, Omoalu Merry, and General Secretary, Afiabor God’sluck Sunday, urged law enforcement to apprehend the protest’s organizers.

The group publicly distanced itself from the demonstration and expressed disappointment that the protest’s organizers had ignored repeated pleas from members to cancel the event.

The UYA has issued a statement in which it says, “We vehemently condemn it and call on the security agencies to come against the culprit.”

The UYA released a statement on the violence that occurred on June 28, 2023 in Okpella, titled “Our position on the violence of June 28th, 2023, and the need to bring culprits to justice.”

Youth leaders from the Ukhomunyio community have issued a statement saying, “We the undersigned have reevaluated the terrible and avoidable crisis of the 28th day of June 2023, and have decided to release this press statement.

Two young men’s lives were tragically cut short, and several more were injured, all as a result of the untimely protest.

If the protest’s organizers had listened to the voice of reason, the event in question would have remained a myth rather than a reality, and we are not afraid to say as much.

“We are peace-loving people, and as such, we will not condone youth discontent in our town if it is not necessary.

We support and encourage all forms of peaceful protest that are motivated by a desire to see positive change in our community.

However, we must make it perfectly clear that we strongly disapprove of the anarchy that took place on June 28th, 2023, under the pretense of a demonstration.

Protests are not a random occurrence. They occur because of genuine curiosity. They only arise when amicable agreements have been reached with all parties concerned. It doesn’t manifest itself in ‘cult regroupings’ or displays of muscularity.

The rules and regulations reflect the serious nature of the enterprise. For the record, when word of the planned demonstration reached us, we immediately contacted its organizers and requested that they call off the event, as all signs pointed to it being a fake with no real formation or character.

Collectively, we decided to keep our distance. However, the organizers went ahead and caused widespread chaos and confusion from which the community will not emerge for a very long time.

Our elderly parents had to deal with the consequences of those acts and emotions. Certainly, it was unpleasant to the eye. We strongly disagree with this and demand that the appropriate authorities take action against those responsible.

It was in no way connected to the Ukhomunyio family. The Nigerian Army could have easily retaliated against us because of the shame they imposed upon us.

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