A group in Benue attacks Alia, an APC candidate for governor, following an alleged insult to a Catholic bishop

The Forum of Concerned Christians (FCC), a group, has voiced alarm regarding purported insults made against His Lordship, Chikpa Wilfred Anagbe CMF, the Catholic Bishop of Makurdi Diocese, by backers of Rev. Alia Hyacinth.

In a press release from its president, Bro. Following Alia’s suspension from the Catholic priesthood, the FCC said that his fans started calling Bishop Augustine Aende names.

The Catholic Church’s leadership suspended the APC candidate earlier this year due to his engagement in political politics.

A “particularly dangerous and unacceptable trend,” according to the group, were the allegedly financed media attacks on the Bishop.

They said that investigations had shown that individuals defaming Bishop Anagbe online are ardent supporters of Fr. photos of the APC candidate on their profiles, or aliases.

What was the APC candidate, a priest of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, trying to accomplish with the barrage of insults directed at the Bishop by his followers, asks the statement. How will the vitriol and slurs influence people to vote for him in the upcoming governor’s race in 2023?

“We have it on good information that Alia’s shortcomings as a priest and her current political missteps are not the fault of the Bishop of Makurdi Diocese. This is not his first suspension.

He was also suspended from Makurdi due to his bad behavior, which was against the church’s laws and values, the statement continued. How is Bishop Anagbe responsible for Alia’s suspension when the priest did not request that he leave the ministry and enter politics? ”

The group claims that the APC’s nominee for governor has switched from using his platform to promote himself to “embarking on a campaign of calumny against the Bishop” and other state residents.

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