Apply For Elys Roberts Masters International Scholarships 2022

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Apply For Elys Roberts Masters International Scholarships 2022

Talented applicants from or working in low-income or middle-income countries are eligible for the Elys Roberts award, and HCRI is seeking applicants who can show:

professional background in global health
a clear understanding of how attending HCRI and obtaining an MSc in Global Health can advance their careers
An obvious interest for the topic of global health
The scholarship’s requirements include maintaining a blog throughout their studies and producing a testimonial at the conclusion of their program.

As a result of the civic university movement in the late 19th century, the Institution of Manchester is known as a red brick university. The University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) and the Victoria University of Manchester were combined to become the current University of Manchester in 2004.

Following a century of close collaboration between the two institutions, this happened.

The Mechanics’ Institute, forerunner of today’s University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, was established in 1824. All professions, according to the founders, had some reliance on scientific concepts.

As a result, the institute provided training in scientific fields relevant to working people’s current jobs. They thought that putting science to use in these trades and professions would promote creativity and improvements. As Owens College, Victoria University of Manchester was established in 1851. Beginning in 1904, the university’s scholarly work would be published by the Manchester University Press.

The Russell Group, the N8 Group, and the international Universities Research Association are all organizations that the University of Manchester belongs to. The University of Manchester, including its predecessor institutions, has had 25 Nobel laureates among its former students, current employees, and faculty members, which ranks it fourth among all British universities. With a combined income of £1.1 billion in 2020–21, the university ranked sixth nationally behind Oxford, University College London (UCL), Cambridge, Imperial, and Edinburgh. Of that amount, £237.0 million came from research grants and contracts. After the universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, and King’s College London, it has the fifth-largest endowment of any institution of higher learning in the United Kingdom.

Elys Roberts Masters International Scholarships eligibility requirements

The master’s program of their choice must have an offer of a spot for the applicant.
International students must be eligible to apply.
applicants from or employees at low- or middle-income nations.

Candidates must have earned a first- or upper-second-class honors degree from a UK university, or its international equivalent, with a GPA of at least 2:1 and a 60% average.
International countries are eligible.

Master’s degree type

Award value: educational fund

Awards Received: Not Mentioned

Application Process: Applicants must enroll in a master’s program at the university.

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