Beginning on Tuesday, KASTLEA will return all seized motorcycles to their owners

On Monday, the Kaduna State Traffic Enforcement Authority (KASTLEA) announced that as of Tuesday, it would begin returning all seized motorcycles to their respective owners.

According to kuryaloaded, KASTLEA has been seizing motorcycles since the beginning of 2022 because their owners have disobeyed the rules prohibiting the use of commercial motorcycles in the city.

However, the Authority decided after careful consideration that hundreds of motorcycles would be released to their owners in stages and following payment of the required payments.

According to a statement made by Carla Abdulmalik, the Acting Corps Marshall and Chief Executive Officer of the Authority, the release of motorbikes will take place in batches on a last-in, first-out basis beginning on Tuesday and will occur after five steps have been accomplished.

Before the motorcycles are released to their owners, he claimed that a number of different categories of fines will need to be paid.

Motorcycles seized from September to December 2022 will be released from Tuesday, December 20, to Wednesday, December 23, 2023. From Wednesday, December 28 to Friday, December 30, motorcycles that were seized between May and August of 2022 will be released, he stated.

He also said that beginning on January 20, 2023, other impounded motorcycles (2020–2021) would be released.

Before the impounded motorcycles are released, he added, a number of procedures must be completed, including document screening, fine payment, motorbike registration and renewal at Ahmadu Bello Stadium, and undertaking signing.

A total of N42,000 will be required to register all unregistered motorcycles, N30,000 for each, and N12,000 for those without number plates or other identifying features.

Owners of registered motorcycles would pay N20,000 plus N3,700 for the renewal of their personal information, for a total of N23,700, according to the statement.

Before receiving their motorcycles, he recommended owners to produce their national identification cards, motorcycle purchase receipts, registration information, and passport photos.

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