For the second time in a row, the Comptroller General of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS)

Adewale Adeniyi, and the Managing Director of the Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA), Mohammed Bello-Koko, have refused to appear before the ad hoc committee of the House of Representatives investigating the disposal of public property by the agencies between 2010 and 2012.

Bell-Koko and Adeniyi were both asked to come before the committee last week, but they both declined.

On Tuesday, however, at the resumed investigative hearing on the disposal of public property by the agencies between 2010 and 2022 to unravel the extent of illegal auctioning of public property and non-remittance of revenue realized into the Consolidated Revenue Fund’, House Majority Leader and Ad Hoc Committee Chairman Hon. Julius Ihonbvere said this political rascality and irresponsibility must end.

The chairman, who was clearly frustrated, stated the ad hoc committee will put an end to the lazy antics of the two.

He proclaimed, “This political shadiness and carelessness must end! We are the legislators; no chief executive is above the law; and when we call an agency here, it must appear.

We believe this kind of apathetic and, at this point, almost childish behavior must be checked and stopped, and we have the rights to summon anyone in this country by powers that are granted by the Constitution.

We’ve asked them to appear here twice, but they’ve both times ignored our requests. After this hearing, we shall take the necessary procedures to exercise our authority.

According to Ihonbvere, the 10th House’s mission is to cooperate effectively with all branches of government.

But since some agencies, especially Customs and the NPA, have proven refractory, it is now left for this Committee and the House of Representatives to demonstrate to them the powers afforded us by the constitution, and we will be taking that next step,” he continued.

“We are not going to appeal to them again, we are not going to call them, and we are not going to write to them; they will hear from the appropriate sections of the House of Representatives.”

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