Government is tasked by CSO with addressing economic and social inequality

In order to foster constructive growth in the nation, a Civil Society Organization has given the government and stakeholders the job of addressing the problems of social injustice, economic inequality, and religious instability.

Recent studies, according to the CSO Voice Nigeria Social Justice Community, show rising vulnerability of the marginalized people as well as human rights violations and injustice, which primarily impacts the poor.

At a press conference, Voice Nigeria’s program coordinator, Ijeoma Okwor, stressed that all relevant parties must cooperate to bring about peace and progress in the nation.

Okwor said information given by many other CSOs shows that victims of human rights breaches are targeted because of the requirements of the nation for social justice. He was presenting a compilation of knowledge on social justice that the organization had compiled.

“Over the past few months, groups have shared their varied social justice learnings. We found these sharings to be enlightening and they have helped us in our advocacy for social justice. We hope that the learning resource we’ve created with these abundant materials will be as educational for the general public as it has been for the Community of Practice, she continued.

Another advocate, Obinna Nawgbara, has raised concern that vulnerable communities still experience social inequality and human rights violations in 2020, despite the public uproar against police brutality.

“Despite the #EndSARS movement of 2020, infringement of citizens’ rights is still on the rise, and it is crucial that more Nigerians are encouraged to transition from bystanders to ac­tivists,” said Nwagbara, who is the head of the Youth and Students Advocates for Development Initiative (YSAD).

“Data from the compendium show that insecurity has significantly increased at the country’s national level. It is crucial that every Nigerian speak out against injustice.

“The compendium is a collection of experiences of those whose interventions center on human rights abuses by law enforcement officers,” Nwagbara stated.

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