How To Monetize A Blog Without Adsense

How To Monetize A Blog Without Adsense

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If you’ve been searching for a best way to monetize your blog without AdSense, this article is for you.

One of the desires of many bloggers and upcoming bloggers is to be able to monetize their website, since that is one of the many reasons why the website was created.

Unfortunately due to the strict AdSense policy and requirements, most bloggers have become frustrated and are already tired of their blogs.

In this post I’ve took my time to list out the best way to monetize your blog without AdSense, please stay tuned!

What Is AdSense?

AdSense is one of the biggest and most popular advertisement network in the internet.

AdSense was founded by Google in June 18, 2003.

AdSense is an advertisement network that allows Publishers to earn passive income with their blog and also allow advertisers generate sales and leads to their businesses.

AdSense Payment Settings

The minimum withdrawal for AdSense is $100 and they pay based on NET 30 payment settings, this means if you earn $100 in January you’ll be paid toward the end of February.

Why Do Many Bloggers Choose AdSense?

This question might be running in your head so I decided to talk on this.

Well, many bloggers choose and prefer AdSense because of how their ads are presented (very responsive and blends with the posts).

Another reason why many bloggers choose AdSense is because they pay way more higher than most advertisement networks in the internet.

Why Do I Need An AdSense Alternative?

After hearing all this pleasant words about AdSense, you may want to ask why bloggers are still in search for an AdSense alternative ad network when AdSense can give them more than what they need. Well, the truth is almost everyone wants to use AdSense ads but not everyone do get it.

Due to the fact that AdSense is one of the best ads network their application is becoming very strict day by day. AdSense also requires ID, pin and tax verification before you can get paid. This is very stressful especially for bloggers in Nigeria because it may take up to 3 months for pin to arrive and most Nigerians do not have the requirements.

How To Monetize A Blog Without AdSense

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to monetize a site with or without AdSense, you just need a site with traffic and that’s all.
Affiliate Marketing consist of many types namely;


This type of affiliation involves affiliating a product and receiving a commission pending on the action taken. For instance, you refer someone through your affiliate link and the person signs up or subscribes to a plan you’ll receive a commission.


This is one of the most popular type of affiliation used by almost all online stores and affiliate vendors such as Amazon, Jumia, Ali Express and co.

This type of affiliation involves selling a product and receiving a commission for the product you sell.


This type of affiliation involves promoting an app and receiving a commission per app install, this one of the best and easy type of affiliate marketing compared to the rest.

This type of affiliation is similar to cost per action (CPA) but the difference with this is that you get paid whenever you lead a client to perform an action.

2. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posting involves getting paid to upload client post’s on your blog.
Which means you get paid to publish posts on your blog.
On like using other means of monetization, to make a fortune from sponsored Posts you’ll need to have a blog which is capable and able to attract a client to pay.
Most client can pay up to $200 per sponsored post, depending on the budget of the company.

3. Selling Back links Spaces

Selling of Back links Spaces is one of the easiest way to make cool money from your blog with or without AdSense.
It involves getting your client link and adding to your site so as to boost your clients site rankings on SERP.
Backlinks Spaces can be paid monthly, quarterly, yearly or one time depending on the agreement between you and your client.
Although selling of Backlinks spaces may be seen as one of the easiest way to make money with your blog, it may require a lot of work.
You need to put effort to rank your blog and also have a high Domain Authority (DA). So as to attract good clients and big money.

4. Selling of Ad Slots

Selling of ad Slots is seen as one of the most professional way of making money with your blog since you have full control over the ads that displays and the amount of money you get paid.

To make huge income from selling ads slots you’ll need to have huge traffic on your site.

Many top sites charge up to $2k dollar to advertise with them for a month, that’s a huge profit.

To start selling ads slots you’ll need to create a banner, post or popup notification that informs your visitors that you sell ads slots.
Alternatively you can email a brand or agency on your niche and send them screenshots of your traffic and site performance and let them know you’re site is open for ads slots.

5. Selling of e-Books/ Digital Products

You can make a fortune from your blog by selling your eBook or digital products on your blog.
To do this you simply have to list your ebooks or digital products on every page in your site so your users can see and purchase.
But this does not work for every niche, so you have to do what works for you.

6. Using of Link Shorteners

Although using of Link Shorteners may be considered as an old school method of blog monetization.

I tell you the truth you can make a lot of money using link Shorteners especially when your blog is a movie, audio or template download site.

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