Let’s reaffirm our belief in God. David Mark’s Christmas message to Nigerians

Former Senate President David Mark has asked Nigerians to rekindle their hope and confidence in God in order to find long-term answers to the nation’s socio-economic and political problems.

“If all else fails, God never fails,” Senator Mark remarked in a message of peace to Nigerians on the occasion of this year’s Christmas celebration.

He advocated for religious tolerance amongst and among many groups, arguing that growth requires peaceful cohabitation.

The former Senate leader lamented the nation’s sporadic religious disputes and urged religious authorities to do more to spread the good message of harmony, love, and neighborliness.

Senator Mark specifically exhorted Christians to remember the true meaning of Christmas in his speech, stating that “Jesus Christ came to redeem mankind and proclaimed the message of peace, compassion, forgiveness and help for the destitute.”

He urged the clergy to teach their adherents the need of always keeping one’s brothers in one’s heart, stating that “nobody can live a life of loneliness or isolation. To improve the planet, we must all work together.

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