Most Popular and Recognized Exams In Nigeria

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Most Popular and Recognized Exams In Nigeria

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Today you’ll learn about the most popular and Recognized exams in Nigeria please stay tuned!

1. West African Examination Council Exam (WAEC):

WAEC is the most popular exam in Nigeria. Many students also regard WAEC as the most toughest exam in Nigeria.
Waec is simply and exam you write that prompts and determines your admission into the university.
Waec is the final exam every student will write in secondary school.
Waec certificate is also recognized by international body and can be used to study abroad.


2. National Examination Council (NECO):

NECO is the second most popular and Recognized exam in Nigeria.
If You’ve ever been to high school in Nigeria you must have surely heard of NECO.
NECO is also written by students who is about to finish high school education in Nigeria.
NECO results is also used to further education into any university in Nigeria.

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