MUST SEE: Anger Over Chrisland Students Group Rape Viral Video [WATCH VIDEO]

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Anger Over Chrisland Students Group Sex Viral Video [VIDEO]

Dozens of reactions have followed the news from Chrisland School in Victoria Island Garden City (VGC), Lagos State, according to Genius Media Nigeria.

TGM has learned that a 10-year-old girl student was suspended from school on April 14 for engaging in sexual intercourse with her classmates. The incident occurred in March during the World School Games in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

It was unclear at the time of publication on Monday if the school had also suspended the other responsible students. We are also unable to confirm the age of the girl’s classmates. They are, however, all thought to be teenagers.

While the school claims the students involved acted “willfully,” several social media posts claim differently, claiming the girl was “raped by fellow pupils.”

The students recorded the romp and uploaded it to Instagram, a social media platform.

A pregnancy test was taken, according to friends of the 10-year-father. old’s

Mercy Johnson Okojie, a daughter of Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson, also competed in the 2022 World School Games in Dubai.

Watch The mother of the raped 10-year-old child comes out.

The mother of the 10 year old girl that was raped speaks out
Crash things are happening Chrisland #TeenagePregnancy #chrisland

— P.R.A (@PraPraYo) April 18, 2022

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