NIIT is capable, argues Transport Minister Sambo, who forbids personnel from receiving international training

If the Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology (NITT) does not provide such a curriculum, the ministry of transportation, according to Muazu Sambo, will not allow any international training.

This was said by the Minister during his remarks while he was at the NITT headquarters on Thursday in Zaria.

Sambo tasked NITT with updating its programs to meet international requirements.

“NITT should also update its courses in accordance with international best practices and collaborate with other institutions to broaden the knowledge base of its professors,” he said.

“Madam, permanent secretary, if you send me a request for training abroad, I won’t approve it unless an institution like this is unable to deliver it.

Spending such little resources on training that NIIT can provide is unnecessary.

If I knew that such training is available in Nigeria, and particularly in the NITT, I will not authorize any overseas training, he declared.

Earlier, Dr. Bayero Farah, the Director General/CEO of NIIT, demanded that the federal government take action to address the budgetary issues.

“May I emphasize that the Institute faces a number of difficulties, including budgetary restrictions and the need to strengthen our legal instruments in order to keep up with modern business realities and play a leading role in advancing research, training, and technological innovation in the sector.

The Institute’s headquarters in Zaria are currently running out of land. Because the Institute’s current 27-hectare land space is occupied, growth is difficult.

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