The case for Osita Chidoka, why the South-East should provide us Adamu’s successor

For more equitable representation, Osita Chidoka, a former minister of aviation, has suggested that the All Progressives Congress (APC) zone its national chairmanship position to the South East.

According to Chidoka, the APC can now reorganize its leadership after the resignation of the National Chairman and Secretary.

According to KURYALOADED,APC chairman Adamu submitted his resignation letter late Sunday.

Senator Abubakar Kyari, the party’s Deputy National Chairman (North), has stepped in to run things.

Although Chidoka is not a member of the APC and, as such, should not comment on its internal matters, he did so on Monday via his verified Twitter profile, saying that the party’s activities threaten national unity and prosperity.

He argued that President Tinubu should put aside petty politics and revitalize the concept of Nigeria in order to build national unity.

He explained that the party would be able to restructure its leadership because “APC National Chairman and Secretary resigned today.” Though I am not a member of the APC and have no business weighing in on its internal affairs, the nation’s current ruling party’s decisions have the potential to either strengthen or weaken our ability to work together.

I propose that the APC zone the National Chairmanship to the South East to promote equitable representation because: “As a Nigerian, patriot, student of our national history, and advocate of deliberate national regeneration, I recommend that the APC zone the National Chairmanship to the South East.

The Southwest did not vote for NPN when Chief Akinloye was the party’s powerful Chairman, hence some may argue that the Southeast did not vote for the party and President Tinubu. When President Obasanjo was nominated and elected, the Southwest did not support the People’s Democratic Party.

Only inclusive, well-planned policies can strengthen our national unity.

The Party has the opportunity to reaffirm its national credentials and move away from its shameful history of brazen nepotism and gross insensitivity to our national consensus with the resignation of the APC Chairman by zoning the position of National Chairman to the Southeast.

Now is the time to put aside petty politics, Mr. President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and revitalize the concept of Nigeria. It would be a positive development if the APC appointed a SouthEast National Chairman.

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