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There Are Eight (8) Different Types of Student Visas for Australia

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A student who is not an Australian citizen but wants to study there needs an Australian Student Visa in order to do so. Any international student applying for a course in Australia that lasts longer than six months must have a student visa.

For a student to be qualified to apply for an Australian student visa, they must have paid the necessary tuition for their program of study and secured an acceptance letter from a Canadian university.

Australia’s various student visa categories

For Australia, there are eight primary categories of student visas. International students may choose any of these visas based on their profile. The categories of student visas highlighted here are:.

1. ELICOS Sector Visa, Subclass 570 independent

International students who wish to enroll in a full-time English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS) in Australia are eligible for this visa. If a student needs to take ELICOS as a prerequisite for another course, they must apply in the subclass that is related to the main course.

2. Visas for the educational sector (subclass 571)

This visa is available to international students from other nations who want to live in Australia and enrol in full-time academic programs. The program of study can be a junior or senior secondary course or a recognized secondary school exchange program.

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3. Vocational education and training sector visa (subclass 572)

This type of visa is available to international students who want to stay in Australia to finish a full-time vocational education and training program, such as an Advanced Diploma or Diploma.

4. Visa for Higher Education Sector, Subclass 573

This visa is available to international students who want to pursue a full-time higher education program, such as a bachelor’s degree, postgraduate certificate, or graduate diploma.

5. Postgraduate research sector visa, subclass 574

Candidates for this visa must be doctoral candidates who intend to live in Australia.

6. (Subclass 575) Visa for the non-award sector

This visa is available to international students who wish to pursue full-time studies in Australia for non-award foundation studies programs or other full-time programs (or courses), but not for the purpose of receiving an Australian degree.

7. Visas (subclass 576) are available for the defense or foreign affairs sectors.

This visa is available to foreign nationals who are sponsored by AusAID or the Defense and wish to enroll in any full-time program in Australia.

8. (Subclass 580) Visa for a Student Guardian

This visa is available to international students who want to stay in Australia.

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