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Using the Fast Track Worker Program to Immigrate to Canada from Nigeria

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Numerous Nigerians find the idea of immigrating to Canada appealing. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the first Nigerian immigrants arrived in Canada. Over 20,000 Nigerians live in Canada at this time.

Some Nigerians want to move to Canada to be closer to their Canadian relatives and family. Other Nigerian citizens may want to move to Canada for the beautiful scenery, better social and economic opportunities, and expanded rights and freedoms.

No matter why Nigerians want to move to Canada, they will need to meet a number of requirements and go through an immigration process that could be difficult.

Immigrating to Canada from Nigeria

If a Nigerian decides to move to Canada, they will need to fill out an application and provide supporting documentation. Depending on the type of application they are submitting, they will need to submit a variety of documents.

Thousands of Nigerians apply for business visas and the skilled worker program each year. Sadly, both of these routes can be extremely perplexing and time-consuming.

The Worker Program with a Fast Track

In recent times, Nigerians have had the chance to enter Canada through the fast-track skilled worker program. Under this program, applicants who are employed in particular fields may be permitted to migrate to Canada.

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When compared to many other programs, applicants for the fast-track skilled worker program can anticipate that their applications will be processed within six to twelve months.

The approved list includes 29 occupations, including social workers, psychologists, plumbers, cooks, and so on. Other occupations include dentists, pharmacists, and dentists. Consult a specialist or expert in immigration if you think your job qualifies. They can assist you in determining your eligibility.

In addition, Nigerians who have a relative in Canada may be able to apply to immigrate there with that relative’s support. Canada has strict requirements that must be met by both the immigrant and the relatives or sponsor who are supporting them.

However, Nigerians who intend to marry Canadian citizens or permanent residents or who have children in the country have good news. Having a relative immigrate from Nigeria to Canada will typically significantly increase one’s chances of success.

However, it is best to consult an immigration consultant when moving to Canada from Nigeria. You can get guidance on all of the crucial steps involved in moving to Canada from an immigration agent.

Additionally, they can assist you in navigating the various Canadian immigration programs and ensuring that you apply for the appropriate one. An immigration consultant can also help ensure that everyone in your family is eligible for entry into Canada if you are moving.


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