Top 10 Most Lucrative Businesses In Nigeria


Are you searching for profitable businesses in Nigeria? It’s very possible that you are interested in starting a lucrative business in Nigeria.

On the other hand, you may be looking forward to improve the business you’ve been into, in the past few months or years.

One of the important things about business or businesses is making profit at the end of the day, week or month.

That’s why we are presenting to you our TOP 10 MOST LUCRATIVE BUSINESSES IN NIGERIA which you can get yourself enrolled in and start making passive income as it grows.

Nigeria is a very busy country with a lot of business persons as well as many different, unique and legitimate businesses to start with.

Instead of sitting down and waiting for government to create vacancy for you, we encourage you to look at the below listed lucrative businesses in Nigeria, get involved and you could be making more than the government would pay.

The below listed top 10 lucrative businesses in nigeria are just as lucrative as the topic implies. Following the experienced, guide of an expertise in any of these businesses will lead to a passive income earnings business.




We aren’t surprised that many people are wondering why blogging business is number one this list of top 10 lucrative businesses in Nigeria.

The reason behind the wonder is because many people don’t know that blogging business is a one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria.

If you check very well, a lot of physical activities have been taken online and many are saying that the world is turning digital.

It would take an online person to understand that language. More so, bloggers do understand it better.

Blogging is an online writing and photography business which involves news publication, technology, health tips, courses, video and photo blogging, and much more from different niches available in the business.

Bloggers makes upto $50,000+ monthly from advertisements, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, partnership with ads networks and much more than we can say.

As much as blogging is very in-depth, the length of this article cannot cover an adequate or complete information on blogging business.



Over the years and till date, oil and gas business has dominated in different countries of the world and Nigeria is not an exemption.

Oil and Gas Business is among the top 10 lucrative businesses in Nigeria and the dominating one for that matter as it takes the position of the main channel of revenue in the country.

For people interested in starting a lucrative business in Nigeria, you should look at oil and gas business.

Some aspects or areas of oil and gas business which you can invest into are, petrol station business, gas station business, kerosene business and well as transportation of oil and gas.

This is a very lucrative business which you can invest in and get passive returns.



Another lucrative business in Nigeria which one can make money from is the food Business.

The food business simply involves selling of cooked or prepared food. And you will agree with me that everyone eats food.

Most times, cooking in the house at the early hours of the morning before work or at even times after work can be tiring, so many working class and labourers to mention a few, are looking for where to get prepared, delicious meals in Nigeria.

This gives those in the Food Business a leverage with a lot of sales opportunities as long as their meals are delicious and well prepared to the satisfaction of their customers.

The Food Business can be very lucrative in Nigeria, and some areas to look at are; food supply, restaurants; both local and international as well as what is called franchise in the business.

If you are doing this business, you could be making a lot of money. That’s if you know what you’re doing.



If you are looking for an evergreen Business in Nigeria which you can make a lot of money from, then you should go for agriculture business.

Agriculture Business is one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria which you can invest in and make a living from it.

What sets this business aside from other businesses in Nigeria are the readily supportive hands that has been put in place to help you run the business till success.

This includes loans and grants from the government through the Bank of Agriculture, supported by the ministry of agriculture, the central bank as well as the ministry of finance.

Some opportunities to look at in this business are, Palm oil business, farming businesses like cattle rearing, cassava farming, poultry, cocoa, to mention but a few.



Many people don’t know that laundry, popularly known as dry cleaning is one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria.

Well, those who are in the business can testify that money is in the business, though it still depends on your handling factor.

Many people in Nigeria, especially the wealthy ones do not have enough time to wash, dry and iron their clothes. The advantage goes to the drycleaner who takes care of the job and gets paid for every clothe he or she dry cleans.

That’s a lucrative Business in Nigeria, considering the population and frequency to which customers repeat the same act.



Fashion Business is another lucrative business in Nigeria which is in high demand.

From events, including weddings, parties, burial ceremonies, schools and the likes, people are always looking for uniforms to furnish their body for the occasion.

The Fashion Business is the business where you can produce clothes for people to wear, both in the day and at night.

You will be making a lot of money from fashion Business if you can get customers’ attention with well made dresses.



With the increasing population of Nigerian citizens, transportation business is another lucrative business to do in Nigeria.

Every blessed day, people are moving from one place to another, one business site to another, from one station to another. What aids their movement are the transportation services made available to them.

You could be making a lot of money if you invest in providing those services and get paid for doing so.



Hotel Business is unarguably one of the lucrative businesses to do in Nigeria.

This business involves housing or providing temporary shelter for travelers around and within the country as well as visitors from other countries.

With the population of Nigerians traveling within the country for leisure and business activities, hotels are usually where they have to rest for the night before continuing with their journey in the day.

Most times, meetings and events takes place in quiet places and hotels are not an exemption when talking about the venues.

All these and more are done at a price put in place by the management of the hotel, a very lucrative business to go into.



If you have heard of Real Estate Business, you should know that this business is a worldwide lucrative business to do.

In Nigeria, Real Estate Business is one of the most lucrative businesses to invest into and make passive income from it.

As much as shelter is a necessary, basic need of every person, the real estate business will keep generating incomes.

Some areas in the real estate business which you can involve in, includes becoming an agent and helping to connect landlords and house owners with tenants as well as with buyers with sellers.

This can be very lucrative as you get paid for every successful connection you make. Note, the demand is high as many people are looking for houses on a daily basis to buy and let.



This is another lucrative Business discovered by Nigerians in the late few years.

POS Business is becoming one of the most done businesses in Nigeria and if it’s not bringing incomes, people won’t be going into it this much.

Look at the streets of the states and cities in Nigeria, hardly will you take a long walk or drive pass without seeing 3 to 5 POS stations by the road side.

The simple but interesting thing about this business is that you and your pos machine will be doing what the ATM should be doing where the ATM is not available or in function. That is at a fee for that matter.

Those doing it can tell you it’s a lucrative business to do in Nigeria.

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