Top Trending Hausa Songs In 2021

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Top Trending Hausa Songs In 2021

Hello Good Day Guys And We’re Welcoming You To Visiting This Amazing¬† Blog Today In this article¬† We’ll Update You

On The Best or Top¬† ¬†Hausa Music’s That Trend Last Year On Every Social Media Platform

Theirs Plenty¬† Musicians In Northern Nigerian And Their Release A lot Of Tracks In Last Year 2021 So Choose / Select Some Most Trending¬† music’s

Trending  Songs List

  • 1 Fanan By Umar M Shareef
  • 2 Akwai Bayanai By Umar M Shareef
  • 3 Mafarki By Ahmed Delta
  • 4 Na Ladidi By Umar Mb
  • 5 Dama By Namenj Featuring Hamisu Breaker
  • 6 Foller By Dan Musa Gombe
  • 7 Ina Sonki By Umar Mb
  • 8 Alkhairi By Hamisu Breaker
  • 9 Auta Mg Boy Soyayya
  • 10 Gani Aso By Zainab Ambato

YouTube Views & Release Date

  • 1 Fanan Has 590,000 Views On Youtbe And Released¬† On 19 August 2021 On Official Sani Musa Danja YouTube Channel ( Sani Danja Tv)
  • 2 Akwai Bayanai Has 288,000 Views On YouTube¬† And Released On 31 October 2021 On Official Kannywood Producer¬† Bashir Mai Shadda Channel (Maishadda Global Recouces)
  • 3 Mafarki¬† Has 5,100 Views On Youtbe And Released¬† On¬† July On Official Ahmed Delta YouTube Channel (Ahmed Delta)
  • 4 Na Ladidi Has 178k Views On YouTube And Released¬† On 22 Jan 2021 On¬† ¬†Arewa Medium Channel (Arewa Medium)
  • 5 Dama Has 2.4Millions¬† Views On Youtbe And Released¬† On 5 Match 2021 On Empawa Africa¬† YouTube Channel ( EmPawa Africa)
  • 6 Foller Reach 67k Thousands¬† views On YouTube¬† Via Muryar Hausa Tv Channel¬† And Release On 6 November 2020
  • 7 Ina Sonki This Songe Has Got 22k Thousands Views On Umar Mb Youtube Channel¬† And Release¬† 13 Match¬† 2021
  • 8 Alkhairi Has 238k Vies and Release 2020
  • 9 Soyayya By Auta Mg Boy
  • 10 Gani Aso Kasida Song

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