We’re on the right track — Tinubu on ending fuel subsidies and unifying the currency

Despite the difficulties facing Nigeria, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is optimistic about the future of his country, claiming that the country has no excuse to let the rest of Africa down.

According to Dele Alake, the President’s Special Adviser on Special Duties, Communication, and Strategy, Tinubu made the announcement on Tuesday while hosting a delegation from Bank of America in his office at the State House.

Tinubu vowed that his administration will go through with measures that would help Nigeria achieve long-term economic success.

So far, we think we have the right idea. The president stated, “We believe we need all the help we can get,” as he pleaded with the bank’s leadership to work with him to advance Nigeria’s and the country’s mutual interests.

According to President Tinubu, fiscal and institutional reforms are necessary to solve the country’s governance and development problems.

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Climate change, the economy, and technological progress are all interconnected in the twenty-first century. Reforms and problems can be tackled more effectively with a solid foundation built on a firm belief in innovation. “If we can’t do it, nobody else will,” he remarked, referring to the fact that this is Africa’s greatest economy and democracy.

Asserting that no single entity is capable of solving the country’s financial woes, President Tinubu pleaded with the bank and other willing finance institutions to assist Nigeria in various ways.

Within a month of the new president taking office, Tinubu announced changes like the elimination of gasoline subsidies and the consolidation of foreign exchange windows, both of which led to rapid macroeconomic repercussions like price increases across the board.


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