Which way, Nigeria in 2023? – By Dahir M Hashim

Nigeria in 2023: Which way?

Hashim, Dahir M
The general election in 2023 is less than three months away, and for the first time, Nigerians will be able to choose between four leading contenders. Fortunately, all of these have a long history of doing public service at the highest levels in Nigeria, making all knowledgeable Nigerians aware of their leadership backgrounds.

For eight years each, Peter Obi, Ahmed Bola Tinubu, and Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso were governors of their respective states; Atiku Abubakar was vice president of Nigeria.

I believe that before casting their votes, Nigerians have a wonderful opportunity to consider the leadership antecedents of these candidates in order to assess their aptitude, expertise, honesty, accountability, and pedigree.

Numerous news outlets have invited these candidates to discuss their strategies and level of readiness for running our country’s affairs and addressing the numerous challenges it faces, such as ongoing insecurity, lingering corruption, high inflation, the ASUU strike, enormous debts, unemployment, and more with patriotic Nigerians.

Unquestionably, Nigeria needs capable leadership to turn things around, but sadly. Strong track record, physical and mental fitness, core patriotism, integrity, and empathy should all be considered while choosing a new president for Nigeria.

Dr. Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, the NNPP presidential candidate, regularly surpassed rivals in all media appearances they made, including the town hall meetings on Arise and Channel TV, the Candidate by Kadria Ahmad, and several other media appearances.

Given his earlier track record of outstanding leadership, Kwankwaso demonstrated that he was qualified to work on resolving Nigeria’s current issues.

He is a former minister of defense, a retired civil servant with 17 years of service, a deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, a former governor of Nigeria’s most populous state, and a former presidential ambassador to Somalia and Darfur.

Numerous Nigerians have praised Kwankwaso for his illuminating interviews, his philosophical stances, and the depth of his knowledge.

He ought to serve as a case study for welfare, capacity building, and human advancement.

Many young people have been persuaded by his overall performance that Nigerians will greatly benefit from backing the NNPP in the future election.

Like everyone else, we might be supporting other candidates, but when your candidate’s merits are contrasted with Kwankwaso’s tenacious vision for quality education, expanding access to quality healthcare, relentless and fierce ambition to put Nigeria on a straight and solid foundation of good governance, and exceptional achievement in all the public offices he held, the decision is unavoidable.

We all disapprove of the way the nation is currently going. Fortunately, the only way to change our shared history and choose our future is to vote for a reliable candidate during an election.

I regard Kwankwaso as a force for enhancing the lives of Nigerians today and in the future.

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