NECO Chemistry Practical Questions and Answers 2022 (Theory) Legit Free Expo Answers

NECO Chemistry Practical Questions and Answers 2022. You will see  NECO Chemistry Practical 2022 (Theory) Legit Free Chemistry Practical theory and  Obj expo answers and  repeated NECO Chemistry Practical questions 2022 for free National Business and Technical Examinations Board NBC/NTC. You will also understand how NECO Chemistry Practical Questions are set and how to answers them in order to have excellent NECO result.

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NECO Chemistry Practical Questions and Answers 2022 

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Chemistry Practical Answers
Titration; | rough | 1 | 2 | 3 |

Final; | 20.50 | 14.00 |14.00 | 14.00 |

Initial; | 0.00 | 0.00 | 0.00 | 0.00 |

Volume of A used; | 20.50 | 14.00 |14.00 | 14.00 |

Volume of pipette used

Average volume of A used = 14.00+14.00+14.00/3
=14.00cm³ (Va)

2HNO³ + X²CO³ —> 2XNO³ + H²O + CO²

Conc – of B in molldm³ = ?
Ca= 0.15molldm³
Vb= 25.00cm³
Va= 14.00cm³
Cb= ??
Na= 2
Nb= 1

Cb= CaVaNb/VbNa
Cb= 0.15*14.00*1/25.00*2
Cb= 2.1/50
Cb= 0.042molldm³.

Molar mass of B =?
Conc(molldm³)= Conc(gldm³)/molar mass
0.042/1 * 4.20/m.m

Value of x in x²(i)³=?
(2x)+12 + (16*3)= 100

(i)I ensure that the readings are taken at the lower meniscus
(ii)I ensure that my saliva did not enter the pipette while taking the base


Under Observation;
An effervescence occurs in which a colorless and odourless gas which burns blue litmus red is evolved.

Under Inference;
CO² gas from CO3^²is suspected

Under Observation;
The gas turns lime water milky.

Under Inference;
CO² gas is confirmed.

Under Observation;
Y dissolves completely in water

Under Inference;
Soluble salt

Under Observation;
White gelatinous PPT is formed.

Under Inference;
Al³+, Zn²+, Pb²+, present

Under Observation;
The white gelatinous PPT dissolve in excess NaOH

Under Inference;
Al³+, Zn²+, Pb²+, present

Under Observation;
White gelatinous PPT formed.

Under Inference;
Al³+, Zn²+, Pb²+, present

Under Observation;
The white gelatinous PPT remain insoluble in excess NH³

Under Inference;
Al³+, Pb²+, present.

More On NECO Chemistry Practical Questions and Answers  

NECO Chemistry Practical Questions and Answers. I will be showing you NECO Chemistry Practical theory repeated questions for free. You will also understand how NECO Chemistry Practical questions are set and many more examination details.

It increases the boiling point of water

It requires heat to occur.

This is because it is deliquescent.

I. Calcium oxide
II. Anhydrous copper(ii) tetraoxosulphate(vi)

Hydrogen Chloride

I. To separate a mixture of immiscible liquids
II. To collect gases.

How To Answers NECO Chemistry Practical Questions

NECO Chemistry Practical questions is divided into many part. Just like any other examination, the student would be required to answer some questions in part A and some

questions from part B and other part. It is required that any student writing the NECO examination is required to understand the basic principle of Chemistry Practical practices. This form the core part A Chemistry Practical questions.

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Requirements For NECO Chemistry Practical Questions And Answers 2022

It is required that any student who wish to take part in the NECO Chemistry Practical examination should have the basic requirements listed below.

  • Analytical and Theoretical Knowledge: You are to have a strong theoretical  knowledge on the latest happenings around the world in order for you to have excellent result in 2022  NECO Chemistry Practical .
  • Ability To Read and Write: You must be able to read the questions and answer them correctly without any bias
  • Writing materials: such as pen, pencil for drawing, paper for calculation and calculator is also a requirement.

Now that you understand the basis of the examination you are about to write, make sure you prepare very well before entering into the examination hall. If you are caught cheating in the examination, you will be penalized.

Care should be taken when participating in this examination in other not to come out with bad grades. The following are the key answers to  NECO Chemistry Practical 2022.

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